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Rae GUI library first demo screencapture


I thought I’d keep a low profile until my new project was finished, but as it now seems that it is progressing quite slowly, I might as well make it public for others to see.

Rae is going to be a general purpose GUI library. It’s nowhere near finished, and it is not usable for anything but making nice little demos of it. (Well you could make something like a calculator with it. Or possibly a pictureviewer of some sort with some effort. So, it’s not entirely useless…)

The keywords go something like this: D programming language, OpenGL, X11/MIT licence, (GtkD, cairo, pango), Linux, OS X, Windows.

Here’s a link to the video:

Rae GUI first demo

Rae GUI first demo

And there’s also a project page at

The source in the repository is up to date, but a bigger example like seen on the video is missing. I might add it there later, when I get the time. But feel free to try and compile it. Shouldn’t be too easy. Lot’s of nasty big dependencies, that I’d want to drop later. The code is a bit hacky, but pragmatic, so if you prefer projects with perfect code, look elsewhere. One of the main features is that it uses 0% CPU when doing nothing. Yes, that’s just how it’s supposed to be, but not any of the OpenGL GUIs that I’ve seen, do that. It’s full of small graphic glithces, unfinished widgets and buggy behaviour and sometimes even bad design. But I’m willing to change all that if anyone wants to start participating in this weird and wonderful project. Progress is slow, as always, but there’s a start. Feel free to donate me time, hardware or anything useful. (I’d put a smiley here, but I’m trying to quit using them.)