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I’ve started a Pihlaja development blog


I’ve been thinking that this really is starting to look like a blog, so I’ve decided to create one. So here we are. It’s easier for me to update, and so I might write some more posts (maybe). All new posts will go here. The sourceforge page might be used for project presentation and project news. I’ve also gotten a subversion repository and a wiki for Pihlaja from There’s also Pihlaja forums there. The current revision in the repository (15) isn’t compilable yet, because it uses a version of gtkD that isn’t available yet. Use revision 12 instead.
The next version of Pihlaja will be using an alternative D runtime library called Tango. I’d say it’s poorly named from a Gnome/Tango icons point of view, but it looks to be quite promising as a replacement for Phobos. The main reason why I switched was it’s collection classes, as my own weren’t working that good. It cost me some more work on XML though. I’m also using DSSS for building.

Pihlaja is working really good with Tango. Far less crashes (which were mostly due to my collection classes). Now I’m only having my GStreamer/Gnonlin crashes left (…ok, and my own bugs too). I was able to edit a movie of about two minutes with about twenty scenes before it crashed the other day. Importing files works now, and I’m currenly making drag and drop work too. The release should come about 10-25.6.2007. I’m aiming for 15.6. That’s June I think…

Maybe I’ll start a blog…


Pihlaja development is going fine. I’ll start a blog here as the updating of the sourceforge site is so difficult that I’m always too tired to write anything there. I’ll copy the three posts that I made there to here, so that there will be some stuff here too.