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As some might have noticed, there’s been no release yet. Next month might also come too soon. We’ll see. To make a release I’d like two things: export working and the dynamic pads working reliably. Getting the monitor to be an XOverlay in the main window is optional but would make a huge plus. Pihlaja is quite crashy (if there can be such a word).

I’ve been in the Midnight Sun film festival in Sodankyl√§ for the last week, and so haven’t been able to do much on Pihlaja. Saw some great movies like Jia Zhang-Ke: Still Life, Ghobadi: Half Moon and Elia Suleiman: Chronicle of Disappearance and Chronicle of Love and Pain.

Although I’ve coded the basis for exporting. It still doesn’t work for some reason though. As I said earlier I have huge issues with some dynamic pads not being created. I’ll have to try to ask someone about that stuff, as there’s really little documentation on problems.