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I’ve quit coding for a year


Lately I’ve realized that coding takes a bit too much time from my life. I’ve admitted to myself that I’m addicted to coding, coding websites, blogs, news, IRC etc. It all started with me wanting to get Pihlaja working.

I did almost succeed in making it usable. The only thing missing is the export. And I got export “working” in a simple example program (which is in the /demos/gstreamer/encoding/ folder of the gtkD temporary git repo in Well, atleast it exported some video. Not the one that I wanted, but something similar anyway. So, I was quite pleased with how the 6 months went. I’m not disappointed at that at all.

Anyway. I’m not a coder. Coding in D is my hobby. I don’t get any income from it, and it is not my dream future profession. I have no education for it whatsoever. So, it’s a bit troublesome for me, when coding takes about 80% of my time. During the last year, I have not read any books (well, a couple in prison, when I wasn’t allowed to have a computer), I haven’t written any essays to my school. I have not seen and talked to people as often as I should have. And now that I’ve also started with a new job, the time I have for other things just isn’t enough. Not to mention having a 2 and a half year old child… 🙂

So, to put it briefly: I’m quitting coding for one year®. Let’s say that I won’t be coding until 1.1.2009 or something like that. I’ll also stop manically checking for updates to, dsource forums and every three minutes. I’ll try to stop reading them. I’ll also stop going to IRC, as now I don’t have anything to ask there…

That means my projects: Pihlaja and gstreamerD will be put on hold. Feel free to ask me for rights to commit to the subversion of Pihlaja in DSource. You can take over for the time being. 😀 Hope I’ll get back to coding Pihlaja with a little bit more sanity in 2009.

While not coding I’m going to get finished with my school, make a shortfilm, read books, write poems, draw and be with people.

P.S: I had a little side project the other day, and wrote a demo in D/OpenGL/SDL/gstreamerD/Linux. It finished 7th in the Alternative Party 2007. Results. Get the binary and the code (which is impossible to compile and is not final). The binary is for Ubuntu Feisty, contrary to the results file. It’s not a good demo, but it’s my first, and made with D.