Not yet

As some might have noticed, there’s been no release yet. Next month might also come too soon. We’ll see. To make a release I’d like two things: export working and the dynamic pads working reliably. Getting the monitor to be an XOverlay in the main window is optional but would make a huge plus. Pihlaja is quite crashy (if there can be such a word).

I’ve been in the Midnight Sun film festival in Sodankylä for the last week, and so haven’t been able to do much on Pihlaja. Saw some great movies like Jia Zhang-Ke: Still Life, Ghobadi: Half Moon and Elia Suleiman: Chronicle of Disappearance and Chronicle of Love and Pain.

Although I’ve coded the basis for exporting. It still doesn’t work for some reason though. As I said earlier I have huge issues with some dynamic pads not being created. I’ll have to try to ask someone about that stuff, as there’s really little documentation on problems.

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One Comment on “Not yet”

  1. pihlaja Says:

    I’ll just comment this myself: I got the dynamic pads problems solved, by removing some stuff (I removed a concept of default movies that were outputting black, those were somehow messing the dynamic pads creation).

    Still no export and no xoverlay (monitors inside the main window.) But I’m working on xoverlay now. It seems it’s a bit more complicated than I thought as it’s a separate library that I have to use (libgstinterfaces or something like that). So I’ll actually have to wrap some more functions with gtkWrapper.

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