A look at the project chooser dialog


Here’s a screenshot of the Pihlaja project chooser, that the user sees when Pihlaja starts. No way to turn it off currently (That will propably annoy some users). I’d need a fourth button at the bottom. The user settings don’t really work, that part is just a mockup. Other parts of the screenshot will tell you alot about what Pihlaja projects are made of internally.

The reason for posting is that I finally got the project chooser part working. Pihlaja now really saves a pihlajaprojectlist.xml to ~/.pihlaja/ and looks up the filenames from there whenever it starts. It’s not fully functional yet, though, as you can’t yet change the setting for where all the projects are located. I’ll add that next week or so. Did I mention that project saving and loading works… Maybe I didn’t yet.

Can’t remember all the parts that need fixing before release (after my short coding break, because of temporary work). I think I’ll have to try to edit something real with it, to see what’s still missing. Putting those monitors inside the mainwindow might be top of the list. I’ve been putting that one for later, because of the lack of documentation on the subject. And I’ll propably need to add some X libs wrappers to my dependencies…

I hope I’ll get those nasty problems (with linking pads not working after loading a project) solved. Currently you have to import a material file, click on it about ten times, then open the movie you had previously created, and click on it’s background, and then click on it’s ruler about ten times. Doesn’t sound that user friendly. I really hope I get that fixed. It must be something with the way and order in which I connect pads.

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