Two prerelease screenshots of Pihlaja. They show the newly added timecode feature.

Saving to XML works again. The loading needs a little more work. Looking good, except for some biggish issues, like sync not working if the file isn’t played from the start, crashing every now and then, and some features usefull for real work are missing. And some other issues too. But it’s coming together.

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  1. wildhostile Says:

    hi pupuedit

    I discovered your project some years ago… (when pihlaja had the first web site design). It seems very promizing and your screenshots show very nice guis. But, I’m a cinelerra user for few years now. So i have two questions for you:
    1) Do you know Cinelerra and have you ever tried it?
    2) Do you expect that pihlaja be a non linear editor like cinelerra, that is to say an editing and compositing tool?
    It would be nice if you could tell us more about your purposes on the cinelerra irc (#cinelerra on freenode.net)

    with regards…
    Roland C.

  2. MT Says:

    Nice shots. Hope you get some more developers to help, so that Pihlaja is getting a good NLE. Btw. what does Pihlaja stand for?

  3. pihlaja Says:

    Pihlaja is a word in finnish for a tree with red berries and white flowers. (You can’t practically eat the berries because they are so sour.)
    Hope I got these correct:
    The tree is “rowan tree” in english (also known as “mountain ash”, I think…).
    “Sorbus aucuparia” in latin.
    “Rönn” på svenska.
    “Eberesche” auf deutch.
    “Sorbier” en français.
    And it seems it’s spread all around Europe and it’s siblings can be found in Asia and America too. Although I showed it to one person from central Europe, and she had never seen one.
    Pihlaja should be pronounced in the following way: All the parts are pronounced separately. Pih – la – ya. But you’re not supposed to leave any pauses – it’s just one word. The letter J is pronounced as Y (in english pronounciation). It’s not supposed to be Pihlaaza nor Pihlaia.
    I have some better pictures some where, but I’ll have to scan them, but here’s some I’ve found from the net:

    update: There’s some excellent info in the wikipedia (the article is available in various languages):

  4. pihlaja Says:

    And just to answer the earlier questions publicly too:

    1) I know of Cinelerra (and now I know of the CV community version too). I once tried to install it during Mandrake 7 or 8. But as one might guess, those were the dark days (of free software in general), and it didn’t work. So I never used it. But it looks good on the features part.
    Why don’t I help Cinelerra instead of developing my own editor? I have a wierd user interface idea that I want to accomplish, and I think it isn’t possible with joining already established projects. Also I want my project to fall on some of the “standards” that I like: D, Gtk, GStreamer. That’s my (current) platform of choice.

    2) Pihlaja will be a non-linear editor quite unlike anything people have ever seen. But before that you can propably use it for very simple editing. No effects or compositing for another two years at least (let’s make that five years to be realistic). (Unless some other coders join the project, which would be much appreciated.)

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