Pihlaja is able to use gstreamerD

Originally posted: 24.2.2007

gstreamerD works for the first time

Here’s two new posts (I had my connection close some ports for a couple of weeks so I couldn’t update this site).
Pihlaja is able to play .mov and .dv files and .ogg audio on a single track. It is possible to move the video edits around the timeline, but it is not yet possible to trim them. Should get that working in a couple of weeks or sooner. I think that I’m ahead of my timetable that I set for myself, but that could always change, so I can’t rest now!

I am able to play DV files, I am happy
(Originally posted:) 17.2.2007 (actually uploaded on 24.2.2007)

I updated the developers section timeline. At the moment I am able to play .dv and .mov files (and propably a huge bunch of other files, that I’m not that interested in) in a simple example app. It uses GNonLin and the almost working GStreamerD bindings. The app plays two video files after each other, and at the same time it plays two .ogg audio files simultaneously. There’s a simple control window with buttons for Play, Pause, Back to start, Forward one frame, Backward one frame. Hopefully next week or so, I’ll try to add this functionality to the actual Pihlaja code. If I don’t run into trouble, I might have something interesting in my hands after that. Well, I guess there’s always some trouble to be expected…

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